A relishing dinner

十二月 7, 2008

今天跟小飛、務熙去 Alewife 看電影
Whole Foods 逛了可能超過一部電影的時間  XD

還有手工酪梨 salsa 與法國麵包
搭配家裏的食材做了有點太享受的晚餐 : 3

前菜 = 法國麵包+蕃茄+Mazzarella+guacamole
(佐現烤 rib eye steak)
配菜 = zucchini 七味燉蔬菜
主菜 = 小飛特製烤雞腿 

I went to a movie with Daniel and Wu-hsi this afternoon. The cinema locates near Alewife station and is beside a Whole Foods market, where we shopped in after the movie for quite a while – everything there looked so fresh and yummy!    

And we used the whole chicken legs, rib eye steak, homemade guacamole and French bread from the market on our relishing dinner~

The appetizer is tomato with Mazzarella and guacamole on French bread (roasted beef on the top); Shichimi stewed zucchini and vegetable as the side dish. The entree is Daniel’s special roasted chicken leg.




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