Antipode Planter

二月 18, 2009

anipode planter

Antipode Planter 像是空中花園的輕巧實現
特殊的花盆設計出自有陶藝背景的 Patrick Morris

我對這種懸吊式物件終究還是有著天生的遲疑 *___*

Antipode Planter is designed by Patrick Morris, who has the background of ceramics. Like the handy version of Hanging Gardens, plants can be suspended from the ceiling in an Antipode Planter. This really is the spaceless, clean and interesting greenery that needs only to be watered once a month – sounds lovely, doesn’t it?    

However, as a resident of the circum-Pacific seismic zone… Though I do feel like having the cute Antipode Planter in my tiny room located on the non-seismic East Coast, the hesitation toward suspended objects is in my blood.


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