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H.K. in NYC

25 二月, 2009
H.K. (Hells Kitchen) 是加緯家附近的 café
多汁的 steak、
omelet 裡嫩綠的蘆筍和柔軟的 Brie、
waffle 上滿滿的水果佐鮮奶油、
side 的 home fries 還留著馬鈴薯本來的口感…
我還想再一次這樣輕鬆又美味的 brunch : )
H.K. (Hells Kitchen) is a café located near David’s place in NYC. It was a beautiful Sunday when we were there. Sunlight brought the heat to our skin as if it wasn’t subzero outside of the window. Fresh food provided us simple satisfactions: juicy steak, tender asparagus and milky Brie in the omelet, and the palatable waffle with lots of fruit and cream and syrup; even their home fries on the side impressed me with the solid texture…   

I would love to be there again on the other sunny day. : )